“By your endurance you will gain your soul” – Unknown

If someone took a poll of non-horse people, a very small number of them would know about the sport of Endurance riding. “Endurance riding,” they say, “I’ve never heard of that.” Most people would guess it is something like a marathon – and they aren’t too far off. Like all equestrian sports, though, there are many more elements to the sport than simply the distance. It’s a partnership between man and beast. It’s a journey like no other. It requires unwavering patience, total confidence, trust between partners to the point of death, and incredible skill. Really, it involves even more than that. It’s an intense sport!

An Endurance horse and rider scaling the Cougar Rock, which is a part of the Tevis Cup Ride.

There are many things to learn about Endurance riding, and that’s the point of this website: to offer a conglomeration of information about Endurance riding. Hopefully, after reading some of the content, you’ll be inspired to learn more or even take up Endurance riding. Whether you’re a horse enthusiast who’s a gold medal Olympian with your million dollar horse, or you’re a high school student bored in class, you’ll learn something from this website. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, too.

To help you get started, here are a few places on this website you should visit:

The Blog:

I’m learning about Endurance every day like the rest of us. I didn’t know much when I started this website, but I’ve gained a vast knowledge since then. I’m training two Quarter Horse mares and will write about their training. They may not end up being great Endurance horses, but every horse should learn basic skills and go through conditioning. I’ll share my experiences with that on here.

Best Breeds for Endurance:

Most Common and Less Well-Known. Like some body types and personalities are best for running marathons, certain breeds of horses compete best in Endurance. Any horse can finish a short race, but here you will find information about the breeds that actively compete – and win – in Endurance.

A sorrel horse gets a bath

Cooling a horse off after a conditioning ride – or after an Endurance race – is very important to help the horse cool off.


One of the most important parts of getting ready for an Endurance race is conditioning (both for the horse and rider). Here you’ll find some basic information on how to condition your Endurance horse. I encourage you to do research outside of just this website – there is a whole world of information and debate about conditioning out there.


More than just a history buff will enjoy this page. The history of Endurance is interesting to audiences of all ages!